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  1. SPUR optThe FW de Klerk Foundation is honoured to have been requested by the Spur Panel of Inquiry to make a submission on the incident at the Texamo Spur in March 2017, with the aim of advising Spur how to handle such situations in particular, and possible reasons for the increase of such public incidents in general.
  2. The Spur Panel is an important forum for discussion in contemporary South Africa and accords with the Foundation’s own mission to support and promote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as foundational and sacred elements of our democracy. The constitutional imperative enshrined in the Preamble and captured in the Bill of Rights promoting unity in diversity is richly captured in the mission of the Foundation and forms the rationale for the establishment of the Foundation’s new Centre for Unity in Diversity.
  3. In addition, the Foundation’s Centre for Constitutional Rights (CFCR), established in 2006, is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Constitution and the values, rights and principles enshrined therein. The CFCR also serves a vital monitoring and public information function in respect of developments that may impinge on the enjoyment of constitutional rights by all South Africans.
  4. The Foundation’s positive contribution to the promotion and protection of our constitutional democracy is prefaced on the achievement of real and substantive equality; equitable access to land and other resources, with manifest regard for rights and protections concerning property and administrative action that is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair.

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